Friday, March 29, 2013

Photo Shoot

So y'all, I know it's been forever and all, but this afternoon, we had some fun with the camera lens and took photos with the sisters, particularly Robin, because she's pretty egotistical.  Shhh... Don't tell her I said that.  :-P   We'll call them senior portraits!

But, we thought we'd share her double chins, stiff smiles, and general lack of ability to pose for a camera naturally... :D Note that the photographer was wonderful! :)  Thanks Sister! :)


Self defaming comments were made by yours truly! :)  

Well, this was going to be a good photo, but a little monster popped in at the moment... 

Double Chin moment!   :D 

And in spite of the shyness of the subject, y'all, the photographer was really great, and she delivered on some great fun photos!

Sisters are the best! 

Of course, we couldn't sign off without sharing some pictures of the other special people/furry friends in 
our lives!

Picture below: Robin and Anna cuddle with the cutest cat in the world, Essie! :) 

All dressed up for football season...  Maia is very obliging! :) (Really, we don't watch any football)

"Adios," says Anna! :)  Till next time! 


Unknown said...

Sweet pictures, my friend. You look lovely.

Samantha M.A. said...

Hey Bekah! These are very cute!! Yeah its good to see some pics of ya'll:) Hope to see you at the Homeschool Convention...hopefully:)
Love ya,