Sunday, March 27, 2011

Great Britain Part 1 (And most likely, last part)

Well, I haven't been here since the Dark Ages, so I hope everyone remembers us. In the last post, I, Margaret mentioned that Robin and I were heading off to England for about three weeks. We've been here (England) for a little over two of those three weeks, and have forgotten the camera... haha... Just Kidding! Gotcha! Here's some pictures. Oh, by the way, we've come over here to help our aunt who had her first baby, so you'll probably see some pictures of the most handsomest, adorablest baby in the world, and you'll know who that is. Yes'm! ;)

Westminster Abbey, and all her glory


The British Museum -It's HUGE! ;)

Margaret - outside the British Museum

At the British Library - Don't you wish your library was this big?

At the British Museum - studying the Egyptian artifacts

View of the great court from above - at the British Museum
Yeppers... darling little boy

Sarah M. and Margaret in one of the assembly rooms at Bath

Margaret at the ruins of Old Salisbury

The Royal Crescent at Bath (Jane Austen's home)

We also visited The Fashion Museum while in Bath

Stone Henge

A Lovely Ship

Odd name for a restaurant, don't you think?

Flowers at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

I kept on seeing this group of guards marching around the castle grounds

Both of us - Robin looks so fantastic. I, on the other hand... Bleh! :)

We visited The Cabinet War Rooms that shared a big part of Winston Churchill's life. They were my favorite part of the entire trip

A maiden sitting within the halls of Westminster Abbey

A graceful swan gliding across the smooth surface of the pond in the middle of Hyde Park (how did that sound?)

We visited lovely Hyde Park, and walked around a bit

While we were at it, we decided to pay a visit to Harrod's (the famous outrageously priced department store)

There were some nice looking clothes, though...

Westminster Abbey

Trafalgar Square


Margaret, by the Thames River

That is NOT Big Ben. Actually, Big Ben (to be perfectly correct), is the sound the bell makes inside the clock tower. Yay! I actually got that one right.

The London Eye - Largest Ferris Wheel in the World

It's springtime, and the blossoms are on the trees...

Buckingham Palace... and 100s of Tourists

Didn't I tell you he was handsome?

The 1st day we were here, I was so excited about riding on a double decker bus, that I took tons of pictures. The excitement has slowly worn off...

Right before we left - Robin and Anna