Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday, all us girls went outside, and took pictures. (Pictures are so much fun to take, when the sun is just about to set and the sun is leaving bright streaks against the green grass.) We all got dressed in jean skirts and blue sunflower jumpers, then went outside. Hope you enjoy them!

That's all for now, folks! We'll try and put some on the sidebar.

P.S. We'll also post a couple more pictures of the Reformation 500!

~Two of the Sisters 4

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Reformation 500 - Faith and Freedom Tour

And, here is the second part of my posts about the Reformation 500. During the celebration, they had a whole bunch of mini Faith and Freedom tours. We only managed to take one, but that one was a really good tour. We went and saw the Old North Church, (We've seen the Old North Church before, but we mainly wanted to go on this tour just to see Copp's Hill.) then trudged up the road to Copp's Hill. It was so amazing to look at all the gravestones, and to just remind ourselves of our Christian heritage. Here's a quote from John Adams:

"After Martin Luther had introduced into Germany the liberty of thinking in matters of religion, and erected the standard of reformation, John Calvin, a native of Noyon, in Picardie, of a vast genius, singular eloquence, various erudition, and polished taste, embraced the cause of reformation. In the books which he published, and in the discourses which he held in the several cities of France, he proposed one hundred and twenty-eight articles in opposition to the creed of the Roman Catholic church. These opinions were soon embraced with ardor, and maintained with obstinacy, by a great number of persons of all conditions. The asylum and the centre of this new sect was Geneva, a city situated on the lake ancient, called Lemanus, on the frontiers of Savoy, which had shaken off the yoke of its bishop and the Duke of Savoy, and erected itself into a republic, under the title of a free city, for the sake of liberty of conscience.

Let not Geneva be forgotten or despised. Religious liberty owes it much respect."

Mr. Serven-Our tour guide

Mrs. Serven

Daddy, by the Mather Tomb

At Copp's Hill, remembering those that came before us...

The green the rain brought...

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Reformation 500 - The Reformers

This past week, Daddy and I had the privilege of journeying to Boston, and celebrating the 500th birthday of John Calvin with some wonderful people. We had a blessed time, and really enjoyed the time spent with friends and each other. In this post, I'm only posting pictures of the reenacting "reformers". They were people dressed up in costume, and would tell stories, as well as sign your booklets and give you encouraging verses to dwell on. I will post more pictures of the event in another post, but here are these to start off! :) (Do pardon the not-so-good lighting on some of the pictures.)

John Calvin

John Knox

Anne Bradstreet

Katharina Luther: telling her stories and signing booklets

Athanasius - signing his name in Greek

Lovely Lady Jane Grey Dudley

Anna Sofia as Queen Jeanne d'Albret

Elizabeth B. as Queen Anne Boleyn

Until next time!