Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Camp - Family Olympics

Family Camp would never be complete with out Family Olympics, so, here I am to report on the happenings of Family Olympics. Here are pictures (lots of 'em):

Race #1: "The three-legged race" - I absolutely love the three-legged race. On this one, we only got finalists, but, hey, at least we got that far. :)

Anna & Maria - so utterly cute together

I love it!

Race #2: "The run-and-spin-with-your-head-on-the-bat-til'-you-can-no-longer-think race" - Whew! This relay race, you have to run, take the yellow bat that lays there on the ground, then, spin on it for five times, then run back without falling over from dizziness and without running into someone else, and touch your team mate's hand. We placed 3rd in this race. That's probably the best we've ever gotten...

Moms really know how to do this race!

Race #3 - "The hold-the-ball-between-two-backs race" - We only got to finalists in this race, but that's fine with me. It was a neat race where we placed a ball in between two people, and one person dragged the other person, while trying to keep the ball in place. This race was pretty tough, and near the end, we didn't do so well, but, oh well! :)

Two little lassies, together again!

The two rather competitive people on the team - what a disaster putting them together! JK...

And here, are just pictures of random people:

Mrs. D.


I love that sweet smile...

Looking very determined... kinda

Daniel and Jenna

Isaac - a photographer


Amy B.


Our Team (at least part of it, and none of them looking)

David -yet another photographer

We had an absolutely wonderful Family Olympics this year, and I hope we have another great one next year!

Also, we'll make a couple more posts about Family Camp.

Family Camp - Sessions

During Family Camp, we couldn't go without visionary talks and times to just sit down and listen to someone exhort, so, both in the morning and in the evening, we had a session. We listened to talks, watched families put on their own skits and performances, and listened to our every-year-musician, Nathan Clark George. Here are a couple pictures from a few of the sessions:

The Quartet - teaching us to sing in parts

The Desert Skies Bluegrass Band

Daddy - speaking

Meredith - playing piano

On one night, the Botkin sisters played two songs on their harps, then for the last song, their father came and played his guitar alongside them. It was such a precious moment to see Mr. Botkin play with his daughters.

~Sisters 4

Family Camp - The Prayer Garden

The day after we got there, I went down to the Prayer Garden to meditate, write in my journal, read my Bible, and take some pictures. Here they are (the pictures, I mean) :)
I know this may seem strange, but, I just had to take a picture of these two blackbirds. It was so cute. They were both playing with each other, touching beaks, and just enjoying the afternoon together. I think they were in love... :)


and more flowers...

Flowing water...

Family Camp -The Trip

And here, drum roll please, are pictures of our trip down to Glorieta, NM. Please be careful while viewing. Very interesting pictures of very interesting people...

Ahh... what a sweet smile, however, it was somewhat ruined because of this certain little girl in the background, messing up the PICTURE!!

...No comment...

The best picture yet...

Even better!

Car trips are the best. Not only because of the precious time spent together as a family, but, if your car ride goes through the night, the sunset is normally always the highlight!

And now, you may ask why we didn't post that many pictures on our car trip. Well, most of them are quite inadequate to post (In other words, you do not want to see them.) :)

~See ya! We'll post some more in sections very soon!

Family Camp - Introduction

This past week was the 5th annual Renewing the Family Camp that our church puts on. It was such a fun, exciting, and blessed time spent playing volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, dodge ball, soccer, kickball, and all those other fun sports. We also were able to ride boats, play hide-and-go-seek on the vast campground, bike ride, and participate in all the other exciting things people put on. Also, another highlight of our lovely week was that we got to stay in a beautiful lodge with the Botkin family (The Botkins spoke at the camp.). We had some great conversations with the Anna Sofia and Elizabeth, as well as Mr. and Mrs. Botkin and the young men. We learned that they are a very delightful family to spend time with, and enjoyable people to talk to.

On Sunday afternoon, we all loaded in the car after the service and some fellowship and made our way to Glorieta, New Mexico. We arrived in the late night. The camp ran from Monday night-Friday afternoon. There were lots of fellowship opportunities and activities that our church put on. There was a popcorn party one night, along with a bonfire that same night. Then, the morning following we held Family Olympics (very fun, but a bit interesting at times). Then, the last night, a scavenger hunt was put on for all the people 12 and up. (It was at night, so it made it one hundred times better than just a regular scavenger hunt.) We ended up having a GREAT team so we won (since we had a nice looking flower and cubed rock... JK). Well, I'll quit the chit-chat and get to pictures, so here we go...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Tales of 4 Very Irresponsible Blog-owners

Oh dear, I do believe we have become slack in our blog updates.  We will most certainly try to put up a better post than this one, but at the moment, I am just here to tell you that we are not dead, and neither is this blog.  We have been quite busy, but have not forgotten our blog.  Needless to say, we have had a busy summer, and have not had as much time as we would wish to have to update this blog.  Right now, we are preparing for an annual Family Camp our church has had for quite a few years now, and we will most certainly update you on that once it has come and gone... :)  So, have a wonderful rest of the time, and we will try not to neglect this blog as much as we already have. :)

~Sisters 4